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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

July 25, 2015

Highlights Summer 2015 (up to July 25th, will add more later).

This Summer has been unique, full of beauty, helpful signs to make decisions and more importantly full of opportunity. Many of you may wonder how is that we manage to live if we travel a lot and perhaps don’t even work. Well, let me tell you, we do work in a very unique way just like this Summer plus we got a support team that understands our end goal.
For 26 months we conducted research through the Americas and at the end of it we were left with business and personal experience that allowed us to grow and understand this world a little better. After that, we worked on our own projects, including but not limited to our retirement project and our social responsibility project. And now, we are working on accessing the right opportunities so we can make meaningful contributions to society and we can live an enjoyable and fulfilling life.
The month of August will be busy with our move to Sooke, writing of my book, getting to know our community, making personal and professional connections, Brian working on his doctoral program and attending his first residence in Calgary, riding as much as possible and taking care of our health/fitness and Taquita’s health/fitness.
By September we should be well stablished with full time commitments but still enjoying our passions. Trying as much as possible to implement what we learned on the road because life is short and there is no point on wasting any single minute.
World, here we come!!!

-Picture taken by an adventurer, Dave B.-

June-August 2015
Highlight #1 Riding brings us together!!! But also common interests!!!
I can’t imagine my life without HOPE and I mean that literally, without my bike (her name is Hope). But I can totally imagine going places and discovering the world in a very unique way offered by motorcycling, I can also imagine long lasting relationships with others who understand how we feel about riding or about certain interests.

While on the Island we have been enjoying assisting Thomas (Brian’s cousin) with getting his motorcycle license by working with him on his riding skills. I am very happy to find another new responsible rider and have the opportunity to create experiences with him.
-Brian and his cousin, one more riding buddy… what a great young responsible fellow-

We also met a wonderful couple in Victoria, Cheryl and Dave, both riders and adventurers. We had our first ride together and the creation of memories have just begun: riding in the morning/afternoon, great market experience in Salt Spring Island, awesome food, piano concert just before closing with a pub night and Deya screaming due to the amazing show put by rats outside the pub!!! I am very content to know another riding couple and to have the opportunity to experience a friendship with a lot of common interests.
-Salt Spring Island with Cheryl and Dave-

I believe in productive relationships and if I can help you clean your house, give you a manicure-pedicure or haircut, cook with you and enjoy life, I am happy...
-Kayaking with Brian U. and Catherine, great addition to our lives!!!-

I am happy to have spent time with my niece; kids always teach us something and I am open for the learning with her. She is a smart cookie!!!
-Our niece, is that a hint?-

Another great get together was with Dr. Sheldon Duff, my professor and kick starter in Canada in my professional development. What a nice and caring person, years have gone by and he continues to be that caring person I met when I arrived in Canada. When I finish writing my book and if you get to read it, you will find out the importance of this character. Thanks Dr. Duff for stopping by to see us.
-Dr. Sheldon Duff and Gloria, thanks for the visit-
With Dr. Sheldon Duff

Highlight #2 Building a deck
This was a total new experience for us and as a disclaimer, we are not builders but we do like to help. I am glad that Michelle and Brian, our friends in Vancouver, allowed us to help build their deck. Few pictures of the “in progress deck” and more to come when the details are finalized.
The heat was our only set back during the time we spent building this deck. Both of us, Brian and I, suffered the effects of the heat and could not function as well as we wish we had but can’t complain because we made it through.
Brittain's patio 2Brittain's patio 1

Highlight #3 August and the new beginning (To come…)

Stay well, stay cool… Como las iguanas!!!
Deyanira MD.