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Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

June 25, 2010


I haven’t spent that much time in the rain. Prince Rupert was buckets all night. The police pulled us over to see if we were drunk as we tried to navigate through the dark roads in pounding rain. Why were we going so slow he asked? What were we doing out so late? I guess for a new cop in Rupert he wasn’t aware of the schedule or the difficulty in riding at night or in incredibly hard rain.

We spent the night 10 km out of town in a provincial park, it was a cold wet night and our tent filled with water. I was impressed how every three minutes our tarp could collect 5 or 6 litres of water and then dump it with a crash beside our tent every 3 minutes. The rain never let up, we packed up in the morning and left without having to pay the park fee. We road for several hours until the weather started to clear and by the time we hit Junction 37 the weather was steadily improving. It was a sign of things to come I think.

The route from Prince Rupert to the Smithers is beautiful and worth going back and I was again impressed with the beauty of the area around Smithers, the Bulkley Valley I believe. We stayed at a friends place and could have easily outstayed our welcome, these are some really good people for us and we were able to achieve part of our goals here. Want to be able to spend more time with friends and family and accomplish something important. What we did is ate like kings and queens and slept like babies. This was a great time, we fell trees, landscaped around the yard, burned stuff and built a fence. It was a productive week in Smithers and while I don’t feel our gracious hosts got a fair shake (because the food was soo good) I do hope we were helpful. I even read an entire book (Kitchen Confidential) which was funny enough to make me laugh out loud several time per chapter.

Time to go and the weather was wonderful, we head for the Cassiar Highway and North. On the way we pass two Canadian sisters who we met on the ferry and are heading out across Canada. We wave and wish them the best and hope to see our Spanish friends who probably cycled with them from Rupert on the route North. Deya and I agree to stop for lunch if we see them, unfortunately we don’t. Stopping at Bell II fuel before carrying on I can remember the route well enough to know there’s less gravel than before. There’s a grate bridge right after Bell II and Deya goes across it with great trepidation. Deya is now getting paranoid about the grate bridges, which there are many and she’s starting to posses over the upcoming Teslin bridge which is about 5-6 time longer than any grates we’ve crossed yet.

It’s daylight very later now so traveling days are luckily very long, we come to a beautiful provincial campground in Kinaskan Park right on a lovely lake. We’re getting pretty good at setting up camp and getting some well cooked meals down range.

Whitehorse, love it and hate it. It’s a nice town but has a bit of the scurvy going on. We tented in a campground right near town which was pretty nice but a little over our budget. There were some junkies cruising the ground on cycles looking for marks so that was unfortunate. We did meet some interesting folks though, a nice older gentlemen who was a very seasoned rider and had been many places on his V-Strom. We met a three other fellows who were a real pleasure to talk with and exchanged some information, hopefully we’ll be able to meet them where they live in the USA. Rich, one of the fellows who is super married, gave us the lowdown on a motorcycle camp in Tok Alaska, the guys all said it was great and thanks to them we now sport the official sticker of the campground. I recommend it to any riders passing through. We met some great folks there and shared one of the finest camping experiences yet, though I had too many pulls of the hard stuff as evidenced by the pounding headache in the morning. Thanks to One eyed Mike for his generous invitation for Sunday Halibut dinner, I’m not sure if our schedule will allow us to attend, though I’d like to hang out with you guys again!

The Alaskan Highway leading into the US is brutal. BRUTAL, I had to repeat that with capitals just to make sure people know that it sucks. We met some really nice folks from Washington who hit frost heaves so large that their Harley through them off at about 60 kph and then carried on down the road and off an embankment. Fortunately they we’re okay, only bumps and bruises but I think they were very lucky. We couldn’t leave them there so we escorted them to Tok happy to see them in one piece. I really hope the rest of their trip improves even though the bike is pretty banged up, it’s amazing really how well the bike held up to such a crash. A warning for people on the Highway heading into Alaska, take caution and slow down on those roads, they’re in bad shape right now and you’ll just wreck your gear.

We’re a little behind schedule on getting to the Wade’s residence, I hope they’re not worrying too much. Deya is super excited to meet Chuck’s wife and to see our old riding companion again but this time on her own bike.

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