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August 15, 2010

The Budgie

The funniest things come from real life, sometimes the root of the entertainment is tragic. I know the loss of a friend (pet) can be sad and very often, for those who care about them, a little guilty feeling. We are responsible for these simple animals, their safety, comfort and social companionship. So when we were sitting around with our good friends in London Ontario, liquor present, and telling stories, we heard about the university years and the Budgie.

The debate began on the appropriate way to kill the budgie and a challenge ensued, set for the next morning, safety being a factor, and had some not surprising results. As the story goes, our friend was moving apartments during his university years and had the assistance of a buddy of, now questionable, dependability. The friend helped load the car and was in charge of the budgie cage. As they departed down the road at speed the absence of the budgie became known. A quick look in the review found the cage rolling violently down the road, the budgie locked inside.

They rushed to find the budgie, having had a serious motor vehicle accident, critically injured. The budgie’s wind and leg were badly broken, beak sheared off and tongue hanging out; he was coughing up blood and suffering badly.

As any caring person would consider, the budgie must be spared the suffering. But how to kill the poor guy? The task was given to the helper who left him on the roof of the car but it was refused. A decision to drive over the wounded friend was feared to result in failure so that was abandoned but time was of the essence as the bird was still suffering badly. Quickly the saddened and shocked owner carefully took the little bird in his hands with all his might hurdled the bird against a wall. Instant death!

A gasp of horror and the argument about why not just run the poor bastard over raged on. The reason for not running budgie over was prolonging the suffering by: missing or worse, wounding. Of course someone figured they could do it in one go so our friend, defending his position, issued a challenge to run over a non moving object, a cherry. Since everyone was intoxicated it would have to wait for morning to avoid the neighbours being involved.

The test was concluded by 10:20 am and while there were differences of opinion the result was conclusive. While the test driver did hit the object under ideal circumstances and without duress, it was only half, the initial fear being realized and the possible fate of the budgie known.

Too funny.


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  2. what a horrible story. you are some messed up people. Maybe someone will find it 'too funny' to throw you against a wall one day. We can only live in hope.

    1. Dear Cowardly Anonymous,
      What is distrubing it that people like you flutter along in society without anyone knowing that you're dangerous. You dont comprehend the story or are able to appreciate the situation of the poor budgie and you are able to make a direct and violent threat against a story teller. I hope your mommy is proud.