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Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

August 09, 2010

Crossing the Shield

Leaving the parents in Alberta and heading East was bitter sweet, there’s so much more to share and so little time. It reminded us of the thing that set us out on this journey and we realized again that our sphere of influence is limited to our own capacity and the capacity of those willing to be influenced. In the end, I wonder if we even have the right to be concerned or want to help improve the lives of people we care about. Everyone seems to be at the point in life that they need to be at the time, so that leaves us with only our own point in life.

Oddly, I’m sitting here at the dining table of friends in Winnipeg, the ladies are out and the man of the house is asleep (works night shift). I’m okay with that these days, we have become adaptable to the circumstances now and transitioning from place to place is easier and more enjoyable. Sleep still remains a constant struggle, though it’s always been like that for me.

Our friends are wonderful people and good hosts, Ignacio (man of the house) came to Canada about 6-8 years ago from Mexico. Since then he’s married, had two beautiful children, bought a home and serves Canada and his community as a police officer. I’m proud of this guy and his wife, he’s the kind of person that contributes to Canada in so many ways that he might not even understand and the kind of guy that makes Canada a better place, a real Canadian!

On our way here we spent time camping in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba and found the latter to be preferred. The preference was mostly in the landscape; sadly we don’t get to meet too many locals so having an opinion of the general population is limited. Fortunately we do get to meet more travelers and they are always interesting decent people. The recent example is the couple who are retired and have been travelling for over 7 years in their truck and camper and have only recently decided to buy a condo. What’s great about this is that’s all they have owned for the entire time, they would drive around the country staying here and there before heading South for the winter, a different place almost every year. One year they said they only paid 86 dollars for campgrounds in 6 months! Outstanding job and such a small footprint left on the environment the way they’ve done it. Talking to these folks was like looking at a map of North America, they seem to have been everywhere, had a story for every place and new some guy to talk to if we went there. “Watch out for the sharp corner coming into Faderville, it’ll surprise you but look for the green house on the right 400 meters up, talk to Frank, you can camp for free”.

The scenario seems to be the same as we travel: good people, good stories, good food, nice places, bad weather, fatigue, mystery, lessons learned, rules and realities on the road. The important thing to note is the speed at which things change. We are going through cycles, first was learning how to ride with less, camp better and have no home. Next is understanding people, where they are at, what they need and how we fit or don’t fit into that. Soon I hope we’ll start to find our rhythm and be able to slow down a bit more, enjoy the seasons and places, explore better and find a better way to feel productive.

Right now it’s difficult to do anything other than travel so the research we’re doing is lacking. Something has to give and as much as I value the research and networking a lot survival comes first. On the other hand it’s also difficult to contact businesses and get people to make time for you, but this too is an interesting aspect of the research and it will be interesting to see how things change as we move on. Does it get easier as culture and people change, do we get better at our approach, do we modify who we approach or how we ask the questions? I don’t know the answer but the answer is there somewhere and the journey is the key more than the ending, this I know for sure.

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