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Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

September 30, 2010

From whence we came thus we shall leave and thus return

Our ride from Nova Scotia back to New Brunswick was good enough; weather was fair, traffic moderate. We arrived to our new friends place late, as the semantics go we were expected to arrive in time for dinner but instead we arrived in time for supper. What’s the difference you ask? Well out here dinner is lunch and supper is dinner, go figure. Either way we were happy to arrive and meet the family.

We had a great time and got to visit almost everyone of the ATV crew and their families.

For us, this was a good experience and the luxury of knowing people and the lifestyles and cultures of different areas is both refreshing and expanding. We were fortunate to stay in a house with an amazing cook and friendly people.  Like any place that we stay if the opportunity to help with something, a chore or labour, is possible we’ll take it. The concept of contribution is important to me and any meaningful assistance we can offer gives us a sense of wealth. I was happy to be able to leave our friends with an operational technique that I hope they find laughably simple and exceptionally useful.

There was no shortage of good people around us and I wondered about the effect that has. It was a stimulating experience that I postulated might dull or be taken as normal with time, as is with most human experience of exposure. Fortunately and for those reading I have to say it was not lost to me and we enjoyed the time we spent with the folks in the Maritimes.

Before we left Moncton we checked out Magnetic Hill and while there is something to the illusion once you ride the hill on the motorcycle it’s clearly an optical illusion. Entertaining enough to build a little park around but that’s about it. While there, we met some folks that lived near my parents home town, they took a picture of us and said they would drop it off at my folks place. It will be fun to find out if they do or not but it’s a constant reminder of how small the world is and how closely connected we all are.

Once we left Moncton we headed South towards Saint John, our destination was the sister of the folks we first met when we entered New Brunswick. They were visiting and asked us to stop by on our way through. We had another experience as we keep having and that is to say it seemed like a sign of good things to come. We had passed the turn off, my error, and I wanted to get some fuel since we didn’t know the exact address and were getting low. As luck would have it as we returned in the opposite direction and came off the road we came to a stop at a crossroad. We sat there for a few seconds then put our signal lights to turn left, suddenly we heard a yell and up the hill to our right were our friends waving their arms. We had arrived and didn’t even know it, and coincidentally they had been taking a walk in the yard and just happen to be standing there as they saw us approach. Good luck I would say.

We enjoyed more days and meals with them and some entertaining stories too. It turns out that my cousin near Halifax works with our host’s son. Just another one of those closely connected things that seem to permeate this trip.

Our time and energy was happily spent in the Maritimes and we knew by the weather that it was time to go. Five degrees that morning told us to chase the better weather South but we knew that what we were leaving for the next several years was not just the East coast but the country that we love, a land that loves us, that protects us, values us and gives us the chance to contribute and have value. It was a silent ride to the border, contemplating, appreciating and hopeful for the future. I love my country and I don’t leave her, I am simply waiting to return to her.

On the way out of Canada Tim's treated us to a free breakfast, outstanding!

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