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Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

September 01, 2010

Leaving London.

The down time was good and we were able to get some important things done, the primary one being a tyre change. The only problem I had other than my knees and back nearly giving up on me was seating the bead on Deya’s front tyre. I was almost ready to try the WD-40 and a flame trick but instead took the wheel to the BMW shop, I’ll test the flame trick when we are really desperate. The fellows at the BMW in London were very accommodating and had the bead seated in about 30 seconds. At that point I didn’t even feel bad, just happy to be done with it.

After several days house guests become a lot like fish, they start to smell. We headed for Toronto to see more friends and new fish bowls, the common denominator here is that these are all friends that have moved away from where we lived, leaving us alone and friendless. I’m not bitter though, really I’m not.  We even got to visit our friends from Vancouhver in Toronto;-o  Thanks for dinner guys!

We first stopped by to visit a fellow adventurer to catch up on his whereabouts (Diego-blog is linked on the left) and he’s visiting Canada for a while. I hope he can eventually call Canada home, I think he’s the kind of guy that could do well here and contribute while keeping his ties to his home country. Canada was built by immigrants and some of the best and proudest Canadians I have met where not born here.

Later we spent several days with Marcus, Noeline and their two wonderful kids. Deya and I learned a few things; one about being tactical and the other about observation and underestimating. One taught by the parents the other taught by the kids. We’ll keep the details under our hats but certainly these are the things that we miss out on when you don’t get to spend quality time with the folks that are important to you. It was almost three years since we saw the family… many things had happened, it might be another three years before we see them again but I hope not.

Marcus and Noeline saved the day to which I’m eternally grateful, they had arranged a dinner and an outstanding birthday cake for Deya. I am, of course, a useless imbecile when it comes to my wife’s birthday and hope that she doesn’t eventually return me as defective. Thanks guys for the save!

After saying our goodbyes we headed for Canada’s capital, Ottawa. Deya was excited and seemed sure she would get to meet with the Prime Minister. Unfortunately he was busy dancing up in the Arctic or she would probably have secured a meeting. Ottawa is one of my favourite cities, I love the old buildings and the easy living atmosphere. Right across the river is Hull in Quebec and this makes for a nice mix of English and French. If the opportunity arises I would love to live there for some time or at least visit for a while. Deya and I wandered around town and saw some evening festivities at the government buildings before heading back across the bridge to Hull where we were staying.

The next day we headed out towards Mont-Tremblant. The roads in Quebec were harder than any we have been on. As we headed North I was a little surprised at two things: first many of the homes seemed shabby, a bit like a reserve and second it seemed as though every 3rd home was for sale? It seemed that every other thing was up for grabs too, the car, the bike, the scooter, trailers, wood, kids… I just don’t get why it seemed so excessive. I worry about the potential loss of our Quebec culture and uniqueness as a part of our Canadian heritage but I think the unstable issue surrounding the separatists keeps the rest of Canada from really being able to protect this part of our history.

Mont-Tremblant, in contrast to the communities en route was a lovely little resort town. We filled up on gas, Deya lost her prescription sunglasses and it was getting late. We had to still find camping and the search for a place is always stressful. Not because finding something is so difficult but mostly because it’s distracting while you are riding and there is a lot of doubt about things like safety, breaking a bylaw or just pissing off the locals. Deya finally spotted a good place and we set up with time to enjoy dinner.

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