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Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

September 16, 2010

The Maritimes! It’s got Character.

I love this place, the people, the riding, the scenery, the laid back pace and the food. When we loaded the ferry at North Sydney we met a group on their ATV’s. These guys were on a 1000km adventure down the decommissioned rail tracks through Newfoundland. What a great group of guys, Elmer was the oldest guy at 81 years of age and was said to have kept up to the young guys like a champ, even on the ‘yes ma’ams’. On the 14 hour ferry ride back to Nova Scotia, as luck would have it, the ATV group was there, minus Glen who had a mechanical failure. We got the opportunity to get to know these guys better and both Deya and I were really impressed at the quality and character of the group.

We headed West to the Cabot Trail, for me this is the best all around ride in Canada. The trail can be done in 6-8 hours but I think it’s best done in two days. There are plenty of beautiful stops and scenic view with lots of restaurants and places to stay along the way. We stayed just South of Chéticamp (pronounced something like ‘Shit-ty-camp) on the edge of the beach. Earlier we had met a Polish born Canadian lad named Dawid and a young married couple who were riding their KLRs and were just finishing their one year trip throughout Canada and the USA (Will and Amanda), heading back to Toronto. We decided to meet up further down the trail and find some camping together. This was a fun couple to hang out with and we enjoyed a fire on the beach and trying to cook Bisquick on a stick, the result being limited with Will’s turning out the best.

Once we cleared out the next rainy morning we headed for Halifax, the roads were excellent and the coast of Nova Scotia is a pleasure to ride. We were heading to stay with the parents of a friend I used to work with. As it turned out Deya ended up with some extra instruction on her riding skills, it looked like good fun. Bill and Eunice are a real pleasure to spend time with and the stories of their sons antics growing up had me laughing most of the time.

I keep thinking about the questions we get asked along the way, one of them was from Amanda while we were sitting on the Cabot Trail in front of a salty beach fire. She asked, “What has been the most enjoyable part of your trip so far?” to which both Deya and I answered without rehearsing, spending time with good people. Amanda and Will agreed. I don’t want to call it luck or great fortune but Deya and I certainly keep ending up in the right place at the right time to be able to connect with outstanding people of character. Today we are spending two nights at Archie’s cabin which is close to the famous Peggy’s Cove. It’s beautiful here and both Deya and I agree that his cabin would be the style of place we would like to have as a home, and the Maritime’s would be a great spot to plant it. But it is not just the place that impresses us, it’s the man, Archie has a natural character that is genuine and thoughtful. He comes with an impressive set of friends who speak very highly of him but I doubt he would take any credit if pressed. Either way the only word I can find to describe the opportunity to spend time with the families and friends we’ve met is ‘Lucky’.
Looks newer on the inside!

Once we clear out of this area we will head for Moncton then onto Saint John in New Brunswick. Hopefully we’ll get to hand out with some more of the fine young lads, including Elmer, before heading into the USA for the end of the month. We have to make a stop to get Deya her 20k tune up, but I fear the BMW dealer there is charging more than the ISO standards BMW has set so we might wait to get it done in the USA.


  1. Deya, Brian, My name is Amédée Aucoin. I met you tonight (Sept 16) at Arby's in Bedford. I was the tall one! It was nice meeting you and getting to know about your adventure ride. We didn't get that far in the conversation but from reading today's blog I see you rode through my hometown - Chéticamp. I'm from just south of there in Point Cross. If you are thinking about doing a service to Deya's bike in the states I can recommend a few places/ dealers. Streets Cycle in Falmouth Maine or Max's BMW in North Hampton, New Hampshire, if it coicides with the mileage, etc. I've had good experiences at both places.

  2. The picture with the bikes and the water is is beautiful....would have been so much nicer with just the blue bike though, sorry Brian. Anyways hope you guys are having fun. I am no longer at Custom as of last Thursday, it was fun while it lasted though.

    Ron Prasad

  3. Brian and Deya. Found your website thx for the moment spent on that day during the Cabot Trail.
    As for confusion because of my accent, I'm Polish living in Canada in Renfrew County, Ontario. LoL no worries.