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Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

November 13, 2010

Copper Canyon, Mexico

        The Copper Canyon is awesome.  There was a bunch of road construction going in the paved sections, even the construction sections were enjoyable though.  As we got past the road work we entered a little town, immediately the dirt road stated and was rough.  As we proceeded the road got more exciting.  I wouldn’t say that it was very difficult but definitely needing your full attention.  Likely the most difficult part of the journey is the other vehicles; often the road is only wide enough for a pickup truck and many of the drivers are hauling ass around blind corners.  If you could eliminate the two way traffic this would be totally outstanding!

The route there was long and we moved at the slowest person’s pace, it was hot and we had a late start so dehydration was a factor.  We drank all of our water and started taking more and more breaks as we got closer to Batopilas.  We were feeling very fatigued, a little grumpy from the heat and dehydration but all those things improved when we finally rolled into town and secured our place.

The spot was nice, we had fun parking the bikes and finally getting to the beer and patio.  We ate simply and enjoyed an evening of chatting the evening away.  The town was loaded with trucks driving around town in circles, full of young people.  Different than you might imaging from a traditional native village, these young guys were driving trucks I couldn’t afford.  Makes you wonder how they can afford such things but all the wondering only leads to the obvious which adds to the permeation of stress.

On the way out Deya was struggling, I could go on about technique and competency, blah, blah, blah, but at the end of the day Deya has the skills required and just needs time to develop.  She was feeling pretty low though by the time she dropped the bike a second time and damaged the pannier.  It’s not hard to drop your bike on the canyon road but no one was hurt so no big deal really.

After exiting the canyon and spending another nice night in Creel we headed towards Hermosillo en Sonora.  The road was wide, curvy and enjoyable.  We kept a steady pace and I enjoyed the relaxed nature of the ride after a few days of strenuous riding. 

En route we stopped by a national park to view a waterfall, it was okay by my standards, but the park which had an entrance fee of 5 bucks and camping fee of 15 bucks was dilapidated and insecure.  Again drivers are ignorant in some places and we almost got hit by a speeding truck down a single track two way road.  When we arrived at the top there were three dudes there hanging out by their vehicle.  Now my spidy senses where tingling and it made me so tired that I just wanted to sit down by the bikes.  Deya, Richard and Tony felt fine, the three dudes politely told Deya that we should not leave valuables on the bikes and that they would only be there for another hour or so to keep an eye on our stuff for us, which was nice of them.

We headed down the trail to look at the waterfall.  I just didn’t want to go and only went half way, I couldn’t help but to keep looking back at the bikes, they never left my sight.  When the other three where out of sight of the bikes the three dudes, after waiting only about 10 minutes, got in their truck and slowly moved it over to park beside Deya’s bike out of sight of the trail.  I started back towards the bikes to improve my view, the driver got out of the truck and moved behind a tree to watch the trail, signalling to the other two with his hand.  The other two stood near the truck looking at the bikes while Deya, Tony and Richard took pictures of the waterfall.  I left the shade I was in and started walking towards the bikes, the guy behind the tree looked surprised and walked back to the truck, the other two jumped in and they left, total time “keeping an eye” on our bikes turned out to be 15 minutes versus the hour plus they had promised.  After they left I immediately felt better, more energy and more alert.  Maybe the feeling was just a coincidence?

Memories of Yecora
We ended the day at a bit of a dump of a town that served good food called Yecora.  The place we stayed was alright but it was kind of noisy and drunk and we had more than one person approach us with blurry eyes and gut rotten breath.  Uneventfully we left the next day and made it into Hermosillo, our friend Liz and her family waiting for us.  As we neared Hermosillo we hit a military check point and Deya had a nice conversation with one of the officers there, he said that we had gone through the most dangerous place in Mexico but that was relative to what you do.  They checked our stuff without really checking and let us go, it was a good experience. 

The town of Hermosillo is large and has some serious manufacturing and infrastructure.  Richard was a champ leading us into the center of the city, we circled our way in, hot, tired and feeling a little lost we arrived to a warm welcome, beer and the comfort of home.

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