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November 08, 2010

Tucson Tony

The days spent in Tucson were grand, we were able to get some spare parts and tyres from Iron Horse BMW and a friend of Tony’s who is a competent mechanic, named Lee, helped me to put Deya’s new TKC-80s on. I learned a few things as well, it’s always nice to do these things with someone who has a lot of experience, it ends up rubbing off on you.

Before that, we had the opportunity to meet some of Tony’s friends and hang out around Tucson. It’s a nice city, Tucson, and the weather there is fantastic. Deya and I are both really impressed with the architecture of the place and many of the homes are just beautiful. The environment plays a role in the construction materials used and what looks best, it’s easy to see examples of adobe and stone building that look beautiful and natural versus the typical northern style home which is not quite right.

After sorting out some details we headed North to New River through Phoenix to see our friend Rich, who we met in Whitehorse. It was a long ride and we got detoured into the city which was painful. We went through some beautiful neighbourhoods but it was stop and go traffic for about an hour or so. There was an odd town called Florence that was along the Pinal Pioneer Parkway, it contained a massive prison and not much else. The road up to New River was fantastic though and more beautiful homes where dotted along our route. I kept thinking about what kind of home I would want to have, the features, how to save energy, how to make it blend with the environment. It’s a nice thing to be able to daydream for hours, warm wind and sun shining, fresh air and little traffic with vistas bonitas.

We arrived at Rich’s place and spent the night. Rich and his wife are very charming people and they have three entertaining dogs which liked me better than Deya, sorry Deya! It was a nice visit but short, the next time we see them might be in Florida, if plans work out, so I hope it works out well for them.

We routed back to Tucson and decided to take the Interstate, maintaining our 90 kph rule was not a problem that morning and we were able to avoid the city. The risk presented on the highway is less than the multiple intersections in the city where the people tend to be rather brutal drivers. We had been told that the drivers in Arizona simply don’t care about each other and would not give you a break or assistance; I got that impression just from the general behaviour of the traffic.

By the time we had returned to Tony’s he had already decided to go with us into Mexico; Richard, one of the fellows that met us in Bisbee was going to go as well and would be our guide as he is very familiar with the route to and from the Copper Canyon.

Deya and I had already decided that if we went alone we would stick to our original plan which was to enter through the border at Nogales, hit the toll road and haul ass straight to Hermosillo en Sonora, if we went with the boys we would go through Agua Prieta back towards Bisbee and take a lesser travelled route down to Creel and into Batopilas en Chihuahua inside the Copper Canyon. Since the boys had decided to go with us we would take the secondary route and hope for the best. The word on the street was that there were a lot of problems in Chihuahua, the government sights were recommending not going, some personal contacts said be careful and the general feeling was not good. We had been told the border would be chaos and the police would stop us often to extort cash. So we decided to give it a shot!

That morning we packed up our gear. Deya, Tony and I headed to the Bisbee coffee shop to meet with Richard and his wife by 9am. It was a nice cool ride to Bisbee and a good warmer before taking a shot at the border.

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