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Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

February 23, 2011

Mexico Update II

So there we were, sitting at an intersection when around the corner comes a fellow on a motorbike with a Manitoba plate, accompanied by a police officer. Deya and I pulled a “U” turn and followed them through town. At the first intersection, I got out of the car and approached the guy on the bike. I asked if he was in town for a while, he replied nervously saying he wasn’t sure and had to follow the police. The light turned green and they left. I jumped back in the car and told Deya, we decided to follow them and make sure our rider was going to be okay. As we weaved through the streets we arrived at a private hospital, the police officer waved at the rider and left. The fellow from Manitoba pulled into the hospital parking lot and dismounted. We pulled over and I again approached him.

As it turns out Les from Winnipeg was meeting his riding buddy Douglas from Vancouver when he got a call that Douglas had been in a highway accident. Douglas was in the hospital and Les was just arriving to try to help. He said he didn’t need our help right then but took our phone number and address. We headed home as we had a few things to do. After several hours we hadn’t heard from Les and thought that we should better go to the hospital and check out the status of the wounded rider. We arrived to find them near checking out, Les had tried to contact us but could not get through for some reason. Of course Deya went straight to action getting information and figuring out how to secure Doug’s stuff. Doug suffered 7 broken ribs with three having multiple breaks and a very real risk of puncturing his left lung if he coughed too hard.

We would spend the next couple of weeks dealing with insurance and motorcycle shops with Doug. We found out that full motorcycle coverage is possible but we’ve yet to determine how effective it is, some is definitely better than none. We haven’t made it to the end of this challenge so I’ll report on it later.

Last Sunday, Tucson Tony headed for the hills and the Route of Independence. The weather was overcast and raining slightly but the forecast was good. We sent him off with some food and good wishes, we’ll miss Tony. By now he’s made it to Guanajuato and is probably sipping coffee in the square, have a good time Tony and have a great trip home.

Before Tony left we headed past Coscomatepec with Doug to a little town named Excola. We walked around and met a little kid named Floriberto, an odd name but a great little kid. He walked around town with us and explained everything, was very polite and found a lady that made food for us. We sat in a shack with a very clean dirt floor and enjoyed hand made tortillas and eggs in a hot sauce.

The little town was beautiful and clean, the people were friendly and honest. At the end of it I think we made some friends and headed back to Cordoba. Deya told her mom about the experience and her mom told the students in the school, as it turns out one of the students knows the town and is related to the little kid. The student didn’t want to admit this at first because she wanted to hear what kind of opinions we had of these poor natives. Of course it was good and the student was somehow surprised. One of the students suggested we go to the town to volunteer haircuts and such, Deya jumped right in and started a committee to arrange clothing, toys and other stuff. It looks like we’re headed back to Excola for a visit soon. I hope we can bring something of value to this little town.

Deya and I are getting closer to completing our construction project but the closer we come the farther away it seems. It’s just a matter of time now and we’ll be able to hit the road again. I’m anxious to get going; we have a long ways to go, seasons to chase, people to meet and things to learn. There are opportunities here to do things but they’ll need to wait for another time.