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Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

May 20, 2011

Random Blurb from the Road…

I’ve been asked many questions about this trip, is it worth it, why, what made you decide, is it what you expected?  I know the answer for most people will be different but I think the answer is obvious and probably, ironically, the same in essence for all the people out there on the other side of the fold.

I never expected something and though I’m sure people go for many reasons I doubt that expectation fits the answer well.  Simply it is the adventure and the unexpected that pulls those solemn strings of travel in a person.  The chance to learn or not to learn, to explore or to sit and stare, exploring your own mortality before mortality explores you.  A dog doesn’t stick his head out the window expecting to find the tantalizing smell of beef jerky.  He happily absorbs the sights, sounds and smells of whatever it is that gets presented at the very moment it happens. A motorcyclist is very much the same, head out the window seeing the world, feeling it, a slight change in temperature, the smell of a particular flower in bloom, the colours and sounds presented at the very moment they are happening.

And so what would make someone decide to go on a grand adventure such as this?  Fame, admiration, a life long dream, vanity, stupidity or passion; I believe it’s a part of a person’s make up, their environment and their need not to be conquered by fear.  After all when Deya and I decided to do this it was precisely because, other than fear, we could not find a reason not to.  People say sagely to enjoy each day as though it’s your last, live for the moment, work to live not live to work and on and on.  Yet, these are the people who wonder how to do just that and secretly struggle to find that in themselves.  I have yet to hear one of the many travellers or adventurers out there to make those statements with any passion because in their hearts they already know.  It’s not easy, you cannot hide, you cannot run, you must live and sometimes it’s just dang hard.  But with every defeat or struggle there is a reward and out here the rewards, sometimes subtle or only for one’s soul, are plentiful beyond comprehension.

Is it worth it? I have always said, and you can quote me, “Change, good or bad, is good” and when the din of this life’s battle dies down and you are left with yourself, alone as you came into the world, what you have done to contribute and experience and grow will become more important than the title you had at work or the home the bank let you live in.  In fact, it will be the only thing that you have and the only thing that will matter.  Is it worth it?  We will find out.

At every turn there are opportunities out here, being available for them is key but certainly they are everywhere.  Each of us can probably agree that this is true, for what they are worth; each opportunity is another complex canvas of challenges and rewards.  So, if you ever think that there is nothing left in life, you are wrong and if the challenge seems too great – this too shall pass.  I would urge everyone to step towards their own challenge; be it a motorcycle journey, losing 20 pounds or excelling at an ungrateful job.  Pretty soon the challenge turns to reward and then comes the time to pay it back.

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