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Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

December 17, 2012

Neuroplasticity: The pain of learning.


After what seemed a brief hiatus from our travels we are about to begin another move. That might lead you to believe we are going for another adventure and we are, except that this new adventure is a little different from our last. But before I talk about where we are going let me tell you where we’ve been.
As I’ve mentioned previously both Deya and I have been studying over the last several months and trying to re-integrate (The grind is on, 2012). It’s been interesting because nothing is the same here at home except our continued desire to work towards a rewarding future through planning and execution using a project methodology. Deya has completed her Masters Certificate in Project Management as you may have seen in some of the photos posted and I’ve just completed my prerequisite course to enter the Master of Arts program in Leadership, though I don’t have my grade back yet to know if I’ve made in yet. I am confident that I’ve done well though, so will be planning on starting the two year program in mid-January. After a short stint in Victoria on Vancouver Island I will give a presentation to the APICS chapter in Vancouver on February 28th about our 26 month trip. The presentation will primarily be about how to create your own journey, how those techniques apply to the professional person, and a short bit about why research is important. If the presentation isn’t good I know the dinner will be, at least.
The brain is an interesting thing and the pain experienced, like a headache or mental fatigue, is sure to be a function of plasticity or neuro-pathway growth. Scientists formerly believed that your brain could not develop past a certain age but this has been proven otherwise and like any other muscle in the body it has a great capacity for developing new connections in order to perceive. In fact, as I’m sure we all might agree, if we continue to learn new things particularly languages, and music then we increase the fitness of our brains as we age thus preventing some of the rather nasty mental diseases related to aging. I like this YouTube video presentation by Michael Merzenish, Ph.D. (2008, November 4) A Revolution in Neuro-Therapeutics; Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPSdWY5VdEE

Both of us have learned very valuable lessons in these programs that we’ve just completed; Deya learned a lot about herself and how she works with teams including the structure and tools for running a large scale project and in sum I have learned a lot about the potential for learning more. That might not make sense but it’s like a little window opened up in which I can see that there is the potential to explore an otherwise hidden world, a world that is exciting but very challenging. I’m looking forward to this next step and forging onward to new adventures and challenges, within the mind and around our planet.

In the short term, Deya and I have decided to best meet our goals by moving to Mexico around the beginning of March 2013 for few months. This will allow us to complete a couple of projects we have in mind and allow us to continue to develop our skills in various areas. Generally speaking our plan is to gain experience for Deya in Project Management while I study. After some time in Mexico we will return to Canada to continue gathering work experience and studying. I have the exciting task of finding companies to help through the exercising in my program. Once I’ve completed the MA in Leadership program will be solidifying our Moto tour to Europe and then China. We have some very exciting ideas for this because, as you know, we don’t just go for the exploration but also for the education. We will inevitably be doing some other kind of research in order to create opportunities and interest and so I am looking forward to this part of our plan.

I hope you will all stick with us for this next part of our adventure as we will be offering some insight into a beautiful part of Mexico and our experience there including how to live, build (renovate), network, and find opportunities. After that out return to Canada should also be interesting and as our plan matures for Europe and China I have expectations that this might be really interesting; at least I’ll try to make it very interesting.
Best wishes for the holiday season and a happy New Year!

November 02, 2012

The grind is on


So we are fully involved and very busy. The sun has disappeared and it’s now raining all the time, just as I remember it. I am studying up to 47 hours per week now and despite being tired I enjoy the work.

Deya had faced her first, very obvious, re-integration challenge in her Project Management program at UBC. She was so used to the last two years in which we would show up someplace get things done and move on that when she got to the program and her cohorts were woolly gaggling she could barely keep from going postal. Well maybe I exaggerate a bit but it is true, we have to slow down to the pace of the people who have their whole lives waiting to be played out.

I find myself settling comfortably into this same pace and feel like I need to remind myself that this too is impermanent. We continue to develop relationships with new people and try to make time for the old, or recently old, this blog effort being one result. It’s important because we’ll be on the move again soon, in a different way and for different purposes and hopefully will reengage us with ‘the route’ and all its gems.

I hope everyone is well and the various storms and earthquakes are more interesting than dangerous for you.



PA050035Sour dough starter, followed by Craig and very special bottle of Tequila he’s going to share with us once he decides to open it….Right Craig?!?!PA060037PA060041PA070043Building a fort for the kid, then my attempt at graphic facilitation for Deya’s PM program.PA090048PA090049PA140045PA130002PA130004PA130023
Power sports show, my brother gets paid to go power sporting….PA130008PA130020PA130026
Beer, fights and that Craig guy.
Okay so making bread and pasta is fun and it’s raining outside.PA140036PA140037PA140040PA140043
Sour dough, ready to go…whoaa!
Sour dough turned into a monster so we just bought the B-day cake.PA190070
Deya…Red heart
Always itching....itch...itch...Watch the video on this page... (complements of BMW-Motorrad 2012, Retrieved from http://www.bmw-motorrad.ca/bikes/F800GS)

October 04, 2012

This is my home to Discover

Beautiful British Columbia compliments of www.hellobc.com

September 29, 2012

The sands of time.

P8260012(A Real Oasis- Northern Peru)
It is now the end of September and the summer if fading fast. I took the weeks here for granted it seems as I am feeling the loss of the sun and just want to eat and hibernate. This is not good though because I have a lot to do and the work load just piles up. I am excited about the opportunities before us though.

Deya is having a great experience in her Project Management program, not easy though, but all good things need working for. I’m studying at BCIT and Royal Roads as well as preparing some presentations and a report on our trip. It’s also not easy and is a good learning experience. Fortunately we have an outstanding place to stay with great people and friends and family have been around to give us more than just their moral support.

One of the things we have been purposefully focusing on is getting to see people who have been able to make some time for us. It’s been more than fun but the sad yet important reminder, which we learned on the road, is that you only end up with the people you are supposed to. It seems odd but maybe I also had some expectations, I am realistic though and while I wish some things were different the truth is time have changed and people move on. Not good, not bad, just life is all.
P8010141P8010183P8040195On the boatP8040202P8040206P8050209P8110243P8110247P8140263P8180019P8200025P8210038P8220046P8220048P8260056P8290072P8270059P8270064P8030193P8020185P8300081
We had the fine opportunity to go to the Olympic Peninsula to visit our riding buddy and Arctic Circle comrade Chuck and his lovely wife, George. Chuck recently moved down from Alaska so it’s good for us since he’s just a couple ferry rides away and we can get to his neighbourhood directly from Victoria.
Our current living conditions are fun too with our old friends letting us stay in their basement suite. Deya commutes with Michelle and I take the bus to school. We started with very little but friends all stopped by to drop off stuff so now we have a fully furnished pad, very cool. We are even set up with an espresso machine and blackberry…lol. Awesome!

Our BMW buddy from Mexico just moved his family here and is experiencing the difficulty of immigrating to a new country. We hope the best for him and his family. Jimmy was the fellow who gave me a tow when my generator failed and then toured us North with a big crew of riders. I hope we get to spend some more time with him but right now everyone is busy.
I have been to the doctor and have an MRI scheduled for one year from now! Good golly, I’d say there is potential for improvement there. I’m just surprised why it’s not high on the agenda to improve this system. Fortunately though, waiting to see the doctors here was a good thing. They said that the surgery for my shoulder could end up reducing its function as they have to cut off the end of the bone before reattaching it. Ouch. The Doc says I can strengthen it and we are looking into what options are out there for improving it from its current status. Time will tell at this point.

(Standing on top of a 1.3 billion dollar bridge, the widest cable stayed bridge in the world)
There is a lot going on right now for us and we are surprisingly busy. The more we scheme the more interesting things are getting and the future holds some awesome little treats for us. Even though I can see a lot of hard work I am excited for the opportunities to produce and look forward for the next several adventures that are in the works. I hope everyone is well and enjoying whatever they are doing.