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Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

April 23, 2012

On the Road Again


It was funny when the lady asked if she could hold Deya’s hand. Deya just looked around and said with a little confusion, “Okay?” We had been spotted on TV; the news cast had covered the three states in the Yucatan Peninsula and Cuba. Of course, when we got stopped by the military and a large group formed because a few of them recognised us from the news report we realized that it might not be cool to be known. Regardless we made it to Merida with only a few more hand holding attempts.


A friend in Cuba said that the country starts to play with your mind a bit. We noticed the feeling that we were being followed or somehow monitored. And even after arriving in Mexico we still have this odd feeling. For example, we have tried to email several of our friends in Cuba knowing that they would reply and in the first few days here they did. Now, however we are blocked and get no responses from anyone in Cuba. Odd? Just a trick of my mind or something else? That’s the mind game that our friend was talking about. Hopefully if anyone in Cuba reads this they can pass along that we’ve been trying to stay in touch without any luck. Funny…sort of…..Maybe it’s because we referred to our voyage as being rescued from Cuba. The fact is we didn’t have a way to leave that we could figure out simply and yet look at me trying to explain as though the secret squirrels are outside my door…lol..



Merida is a beautiful city, a large city and the Mayan force here is obvious and interesting. The area is fantastic despite the intense heat and we’ve already visited pyramids, ruins, cenotes and beaches. Food is great in this neck of the woods and the people are genuinely helpful and concerned. Crime rate is very low here and people know it and like it that way. Drivers could be better but they are not bad by any stretch, relatively speaking. There are a lot of parks and activities happening year round here, the municipal and state government seem to take care of their community and the people demonstrate pride. Merida, the Mayans, were the last group to be conquered by the Spanish and leaders throughout the history in this area made efforts to support and promote these important people.


Once we arrived at our friends’ place and settled in the first order of business was to fix the front fork slider that ‘El Chino’ had nicely welded up for me. The weld had held, thank goodness, but I had found a wobble. We headed to the local BMW dealer and asked if we could borrow their shop to do our repairs. The young mechanic there had little experience and only knew how to replace a full shock not how to take one apart. This would be a first for both of us. Eventually we got it done and what a relief. As I understand that these inverted forks are complicated I had built a healthy monster in my head about what I would find. Fortunately, I found it as simple as or physically easier than changing a tyre. I have to add though, having screwed up tyre changes you still need to pay careful attention to what you are doing.


We have enjoyed some time here and toured the city thoroughly, checking out events, researching factories and finally buying a home near the city centre. The property isn’t liveable but Deya and I like projects so it fits our needs and we should have it fixed up by next February.


Right now we are planning our route back to Canada, time is plentiful yet there is not enough of it to do most of the things we wish we could. The remainder of this month will be touring the peninsula and hopefully researching some more factories as well as hanging out with cool people in this beautiful place.


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  1. I can see that you really enjoyed your vacation. I agree that Merida is a very beautiful place. It has a wide road that you will surely enjoy driving here.