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June 13, 2012

A Moment in Time

Cumbres de Acultzingo

I have mentioned before that this journey has become more than I expected, I reflect on this and give evidence of it on occasion. Recently, I had another good example from friends whose company we shared whilst stranded on a tropical island. As is Deya’s seemingly small project of asking people to share some advice for safe, happy and success on our journey, so is the initial result; often we get some advice, a quote or just a thought.

What just occurred to me as I read, "The race is long and, in the end, it's only with yourself", I realized the importance of the question. The quote is perfect, especially for us and it is deep and meaningful regardless of who you are. I think what struck me is that as we travel around and ask the question that it makes people reflect, we have seen a pattern of people having to really think about it. What is great about that is: the engagement with people’s thoughts and experiences are then very real and in this I find tremendous value. I think that sometimes as we try to wisely advise others we often end up advising ourselves. Thanks for the advice and the moment Patrick.

Today I’ve found myself reflecting on some things. I keep wondering what it is I have learned, Deya apparently has gained a lot from this trip from the personal side. But as I discussed this with Deya and she started to describe all the things that we have learned I realized that what I was really asking is what have I discovered about myself in this trip. That changes the whole perspective of the question and it’s not one that someone else can answer.

It hasn’t been a big Ahaaaa for me but if I think about it I have discovered some things. I discovered I’m not patient. I feel a need to get the ball rolling, see it makes its own way down the hill, then look for the next ball to push. The problem is that I should think harder about where the ball finishes, even though I don’t much care, it’s probably important that I do. Patience.

The other one for me seems like a step back in evolution. I’ve written the paragraph out about 5 times but keep deleting it because I’m just not satisfied with my own explanation so I’ll keep it to myself for now. Either way it may have changed my fundamental concept of people and life in general.

For all that though I still know that everyday that we are traveling and meeting people I am impressed with the good people out here. We have met so many people that I am thankful for, though many we may never see again, with each person we have been reminded that there is no end to the good things once you expose yourself to the possibilities. The motorcycle is a way to be in contact with cultures and people and the environment like no other thing can and is for me the best way to explore this modern world.


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