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Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

September 29, 2012

The sands of time.

P8260012(A Real Oasis- Northern Peru)
It is now the end of September and the summer if fading fast. I took the weeks here for granted it seems as I am feeling the loss of the sun and just want to eat and hibernate. This is not good though because I have a lot to do and the work load just piles up. I am excited about the opportunities before us though.

Deya is having a great experience in her Project Management program, not easy though, but all good things need working for. I’m studying at BCIT and Royal Roads as well as preparing some presentations and a report on our trip. It’s also not easy and is a good learning experience. Fortunately we have an outstanding place to stay with great people and friends and family have been around to give us more than just their moral support.

One of the things we have been purposefully focusing on is getting to see people who have been able to make some time for us. It’s been more than fun but the sad yet important reminder, which we learned on the road, is that you only end up with the people you are supposed to. It seems odd but maybe I also had some expectations, I am realistic though and while I wish some things were different the truth is time have changed and people move on. Not good, not bad, just life is all.
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We had the fine opportunity to go to the Olympic Peninsula to visit our riding buddy and Arctic Circle comrade Chuck and his lovely wife, George. Chuck recently moved down from Alaska so it’s good for us since he’s just a couple ferry rides away and we can get to his neighbourhood directly from Victoria.
Our current living conditions are fun too with our old friends letting us stay in their basement suite. Deya commutes with Michelle and I take the bus to school. We started with very little but friends all stopped by to drop off stuff so now we have a fully furnished pad, very cool. We are even set up with an espresso machine and blackberry…lol. Awesome!

Our BMW buddy from Mexico just moved his family here and is experiencing the difficulty of immigrating to a new country. We hope the best for him and his family. Jimmy was the fellow who gave me a tow when my generator failed and then toured us North with a big crew of riders. I hope we get to spend some more time with him but right now everyone is busy.
I have been to the doctor and have an MRI scheduled for one year from now! Good golly, I’d say there is potential for improvement there. I’m just surprised why it’s not high on the agenda to improve this system. Fortunately though, waiting to see the doctors here was a good thing. They said that the surgery for my shoulder could end up reducing its function as they have to cut off the end of the bone before reattaching it. Ouch. The Doc says I can strengthen it and we are looking into what options are out there for improving it from its current status. Time will tell at this point.

(Standing on top of a 1.3 billion dollar bridge, the widest cable stayed bridge in the world)
There is a lot going on right now for us and we are surprisingly busy. The more we scheme the more interesting things are getting and the future holds some awesome little treats for us. Even though I can see a lot of hard work I am excited for the opportunities to produce and look forward for the next several adventures that are in the works. I hope everyone is well and enjoying whatever they are doing.