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Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

April 20, 2013

In the heart of the hurricane

Well, not quite like that. We have not experienced a hurricane in Merida yet but I am sure we will at some point. How did we get here in case you wonder…?

We finalized our stay in Canada this year by studying lots, visiting friends, going to Victoria for Brian’s residency at Royal Roads University, presenting the topic “Hands on research across the Americas” for an organization called APICS (http://www.apics-vancouver.org/february-2013-pdm) and packing… something I am getting used to doing but still not enjoying so much, although I have to say it helps to de-clutter.

We then jumped on a plane and arrived in Veracruz where we had a lot of activities waiting for us. We enjoyed the family and dedicated almost all of our time to them and our busy agenda.

In our time in Veracruz we acquired Floyd, the new member of our family: a 1998 VW (vocho) and made our way to Merida completely loaded with our belongings. We had no issues and in the way enjoyed the company of great friends.

Now we are here in Merida, trying to understand the way things work and how to take advantage of the weather. For the first few days we had to get set up and find a new place to stay because the one we found in the Internet does not suit our needs and besides we got bad service, but let me tell you: not from Yucatecans, believe it or not from people from Veracruz Sad smile

Either way, the sunshine allows us to see more clearly and make decisions faster so pretty soon we will be staying at a better place, two blocks away from where we will be conducting renovations. And pretty soon, you will read a rant from Brian or an important story, so keep your eyes open.

Until then, take care and safe travels.

Deyanira MD
Royal Roads University, an excellent way of spending time during rainy days…

Thanks to those who assisted to Brian’s presentation for APICS, you made the difference!!!

Dropping our friends, Hope and Chuleta, where they can be taken care of while we are away… thanks hero Lee!!! You and your family are an amazing support for us.

Thanks George and Mr. Chuck for the visit to Vancouver, we enjoyed it!!!

The Brittain’s… we will miss you very much and we look forward to more moments with you…

In our way to warm weather and a lot of work. With Brian everything is shiny!!!

Tacos and beer, what else do we need?

On the side of the road having lunch with Floyd completely loaded… Who are those farmers?
Life is fun, enjoy it!!! We do not need a lot to enjoy it and thanks to all of you, we enjoy it even more.