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Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

May 30, 2014

Becoming hot!!!

The highlight of our last few months has been the heat!!! Going from the cold to the heat!!!
We came back from Canada to find HEAT and as we go through the year it just gets hotter, therefore the pool was scrubbed and filled to be ready for the unstoppable heat.

In other aspects:
-Our volunteering efforts have continued with Hogar Nueva Vida (actually Estancia Nueva Vida) and Global Sorority and as we approach July we get closer to the event we are going to have with the girls to promote Community Service, which means to help the community with what we will offer during the event and at the same time help the girls connect with their community.
Basically, the Global Sorority girls from Merida have four different projects: Team1 will create a community event to sell clothes and offer basic beauty services, Team2 will provide the community with materials to make crafts during the same event in exchange of a donation, Team3 will make piggy banks to collect money within the community and Team4 will make piggy banks to sell them; all the funds collected from each of the projects will be donated to a good cause. Global Sorority will continue the training with the girls throughout the projects by delivering Team Building techniques and Project Management skills from a Canadian Certified Project Manager (guess who that is?)
These girls will be able to learn and use the skills during and after the projects, lifelong skills.
The pictures show: meetings we have with them to work on the details of the event, the girls approaching the stakeholders to ask for their help in different forms (used clothes/shoes, available materials to make crafts, time to help making the piggy banks or to help during the event) and the girls + us having fun…

Below is the link for the article I wrote for a magazine in Merida to promote Global Sorority and the girls’ projects…


-Brian is getting through his Masters as fast as he can and with the care it deserves. It has not been an easy road for a guy who likes action and a lot of the times research and education becomes very repetitive and slow… and this guy, my husband, isn’t slow…
Anyway, he is getting a lot out of it and I am getting a better husband ;)

-Lots of events in Merida to enjoy with friends and as a couple. Some of them: Saint Patrick’s Day, a Fundraising event for the prevention of AIDS, Wine Tasting events every month, movies, dinners at home mainly and simply lots of fun at a low cost or at zero cost. Of course not everything is events and fun, we keep our fun for after working/studying hours…

-My brother’s wedding and my visit to Veracruz…
A long trip from Yucatan to Veracruz and back by bus to be present in my brother’s wedding. It was totally worth it since I was able to be with family, help with the wedding and realized some things… some good things.
Lovely wedding, lovely food… only one bad thing: the stuff going on around there: robberies and killings Sad smile.

-Taquita is slowly becoming educated and we are totally happy with her. We will continue to go to the dog training sessions in the weekends as much as we can, imagine this for $35 Mexican Pesos we get about 4 hours of training ;)
At the moment she is losing a lot of hair because of the hot season, so that means a lot of cleaning but other than that her health is much better than when we found her.
I am hoping to get a bicycle to exercise with her more; need number one for dogs: exercise!!!
My good friend Taquita is teaching how to actually listen and prioritize…
Taquita bored under the table

The best for all of you, I wish we cross paths somehow/somewhere…
Deyanira MD.