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Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

July 19, 2014

A use for family or is it An use for family???

I never really understood the use of family and now I do. Family is family and functions as a mattress, yes as you read it. Regardless of the quality of the mattress, it helps us to lay down and supports us when we need…
Both of us, Brian and I, are really fortunate to have fantastic families; sometimes we don’t agree with them and also we don’t spend enough time with them to actually know them and understand them as well as we wish we did… but we love them, appreciate them and look forward to be truly closer to them so we can have comfort in mutual support.

In other aspects:
-Our volunteering efforts have continued with Estancia Nueva Vida and Global Sorority and we have finally concluded the projects that we started with the girls back in February. Oh my goodness, I have not even finished analyzing the data acquired during these amazing projects and I can already tell you something: kids are much more fantastic, intelligent, creative, open, AMAZING than we think they are. I have learned even more NOT to minimize their capacity. I HATE even more the fact that we, adults, think of ourselves as individuals capable of teaching the kids everything and coveting them to the point that we make them useless. It has been such a pleasure to work with these girls and guide them to discover their full potential.
Once I have a summary of the work we did, I will share with you.

-Brian is getting through his Masters as well as learning how to cool down… He is not only studying (since he could do that with a full time job) but he is working on other important aspects of our lives that will result in amazing results pretty soon… and you will hear about them once we actually have the victory in our hands ;)
Pool chairs Brian

-Lots of events in Merida to enjoy with friends. The best part about it is the friends…
Friends from Mexico: Juan visiting in his way to South America by motorcycle.
Family: Jorge and Nayely spending part of their honey moon with us… we really enjoyed this new couple.
Friends from Canada: Sylvie and Dug for few days… what a pleasure!!! We hope to continue this friendship, we appreciate your time and effort to come and visit with us…
Meridian friends who are always up to something good like enjoying beer or wine responsibly or simply enjoying a meal together, or having a little party for a good reason, and more…

-Taquita’s development is amazing (to me)… she is (like any dog) smart and tries to make us happy. She is very clear now about needing to go “outside” or asking for water when we forget to refill her container and slowly she is making friends. Pipo, is her new friend and unfortunately at the moment Pipo is at a “chalet” while his owner is on holidays… looking forward to her return so Taquita and Pipo can continue to visit.
Taquita had a visit with an FBI agent… kidding… that is Jeff with an FBI hat… a cool Vancouverite who ensures dogs are well taken care of (nails, ears and formal training). Thanks Jeff!!! Excellent service, punctuality and good prices… see you soon.
Pipo & Taquita 2

-Compost progress and habaneros… Finally our first compostable dirt went into our garden and our first harvest of habaneros went into our tummies… I feel great about being able to produce these items with very little effort… for Deya and a lot of effort for Brian…

-Finally Brian is a bit more Mexican and his rights and obligations have become more formal with his Permanent Residence status… the beauty about this is something called: Options…

-And Deya has finally realized that her body needs maintenance therefore she joined… Crossfit Merida and life has not only improved but her body says THANKS, you are no longer 20.
Crossfit 1
Crossfit 2

The best for all of you, I wish we cross paths somehow/somewhere…
Deyanira MD.