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Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

September 09, 2014

Living life with others, or alone… which one is better?

Leadership Vs Bossiness
I guess it depends, that is my answer. I truly enjoy being alone with my husband and my dog, the three of us alone… and one day when I plan it well, I will spend few months in the mountains away from people, away from all this “stuff”. Don’t take me wrong, I also enjoy being around people, and some friends (like Michelle) have taught me to share and be aware of the needs of others. I thank Brian and Michelle for their kindness hosting us and supporting us (in a very special way and without having to) through our efforts in life, I thank anybody who has taken time out of their lives and shared it with us… because at the end it is about TIME!!!
Yes, how we spend our time is what actually matters and if that time is well spent then there is no better or worse, there is fulfillment. The last four years of my life have been very fulfilling, spending time with people and alone.
People… thanks for existing and making life interesting.

In other aspects:
-Our volunteering efforts continue in one way or another… it is a great way to work with people with similar values and/or needs.
Working with Patricia in Estancia Nueva Vida has been extremely rewarding because we both understand the words: commitment and reality, and that shows up in the results. Patricia is very engaging and caring about others and does anything she can to be present in our work together for the well-being of the community not just to say: “I do something for my community”. This woman should be famous; instead she just grinds her way… and delivers results. Pretty admirable person from whom I have learnt a lot.

My work with Global Sorority is also very satisfying because the learning/teaching component excites me… any human being should not be denied the opportunity for education. A summary of the work we have done between Global Sorority and Estancia Nueva Vida can be shared through the following link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q2ch30wfle5u5nt/Presentation%20Global%20Sorority%20-for%20Stakeholders%20290714.pptx?dl=0

What is next? Simple: more work. In few points:
1-Creating Global Sorority’s first chapter in Mexico: Chapter 1 Merida with the girls at Estancia Nueva Vida. This of course, can be done because they have now completed their Leadership and Project Management training. Their Chapter leader: Patricia P. will continue on from here working with these young women to ensure they are able to see opportunity and be prepared for it.
2-Creating the strategy for Global Sorority to enter the Latin American market and fulfill an evident need: training around leadership and project management starting at an early age, our best bet!
3-Working with Global Sorority and communities to deliver the training.
4-Most important: giving a good example of what it means to be a woman but over anything what it means to have a brain.

Thanks Tia and Loretta for the learning opportunity I am given and for your time and energy to work with me and provide with a safe environment to be myself.

-Brian is getting through his Masters and he is closer to the end. He recently submitted his application for a Doctoral program and we will know pretty soon what his professional future will look like. Not only Brian has the capacity to get more education but he has a tremendous capacity to put it to use and I am talking about it from a very personal perspective. I am happy to have an educated husband but more than anything a husband who uses education to be a better human being… I love him to pieces and recognize that this time for reflection that he has been enjoying for the last two years has paid off well… and he also makes delicious bread!!!

-Lots of events in Merida to enjoy with friends. The best part about it is the friends… always.
We have not had visitors from Canada or anywhere else in the world lately, but we have had visitors from Mexico.
Fernando and his family from Veracruz; a short visit but a rewarding one. Thanks to this fellow I was able to study English when I was a child with a scholarship he got me, and that is a great tool in my tool box.
My mother, nephew and adorable cousin Rosi spent a week with us and that time was just enough to catch up and show them what Yucatan has to offer. I was really sad to see Rosi go; I wish one day to share more time with my little sister.
With our Yucatecan community we are developing more friendships based on good work with professionals. Recently we were invited to participate in the development of the Initiation face of a project to create a park in Merida at the level of the Highland Park in New York and through this social network we are meeting great people (you can find more information in “Parque La Plancha” through Facebook).
My brother and sister in law came to stay for good since my brother was offered a job and he accepted it back in June. They spent one month living with us and they are now creating their own nest.

-Taquita’s development continues. We managed to train her so she can be well behaved in the house and get her out when she lets us know very clearly that she needs to go out. We managed to exercise her in a regular basis. Now, we are working on training her to a level where she follows my instructions without hesitation on leash or off leash (getting her ready for the Canadian system). We are also working on improving her diet which to my surprise it is easier than I thought and she loves anything I cook or buy for her. And her socializing skills, is also something we are occupied with and slowly developing. In general, Taquita is training us to be good friends.
Taquita is bored 2
Training Taquita 1Training Taquita 2

-Deya is SUPER ENJOYING Crossfit. I enjoyed Martial Arts but this type of exercise has just improved the way I perceive exercise. Crossfit has helped me refocus my energy, my thinking, my body and soul. I really don’t want to wait until I am sixty to realize that my body deserves attention.

-My Birthday: this year I became 33 during the month of August and I was happy to have my two arms, two legs, my brain and everything I need to function. I was also happy to be surrounded by the right people, close or far. And a little sad to see that at this age, nobody remembered my birthday except for 4-5 people who know me very well. That only means one thing to me: I have to do a better job at staying in touch with people.
Thanks for the lovely gifts friends/family, I truly needed those items and now I am better equipped.

-Recently I heard bad news from friends/family and I just want to say that even though I may not know how you feel, I feel for you and wish that anything that happens in your life is simply an opportunity to turn it all around. You are not alone and we are here!!!

-Professionally speaking, here are two new things:
1) We decided to have a little B&B while we are in Mexico and we are using AirBnB to promote it. If you would like to support our efforts please take a look of: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/4052465 and if you belong to AirBnB and would like to provide a Reference please feel free to do so, that will help increase the level of trust people decide to give us when finding our post.

2) We have expanded our business to Canada. Since 2010 we created a little company in Mexico and did business. Starting 2015 we will start working in Canada providing Consulting/Contracting services. Of course, our business is not fully developed but we have taken some initial steps. From September to December we will get ready to operate and be able to spend 9 months in Canada and 3 months in Mexico (more less). If you are curious about what The MDMOTO Group is about I encourage you to visit: www.themdmotogroup.com

Thanks Jason Sugar for creating our website and guiding us through the process. Another Canadian fellow doing what he is supposed to do: enjoy life while working ;) and making us happy!!!

The best for all of you, I wish we cross paths somehow/somewhere…
Deyanira MD.