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Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

November 02, 2014

Life is better with exercise…

The one thing I know for sure is that life is about choices. And most of us choose to take care of our health when we become older and are unable to “revert” the clock. I am guilty of that and I am choosing to make an effort to exercise my body and eventually be a lover of my health and fitness and become a clear example of giving no excuses to take care of myself.
Often I hear from people: -You guys can exercise or travel or whatever because you don’t have kids and you don’t have as many things to do as I do. I used to be offended by that and now I simply know that I know what I know and some people don’t know what they don’t know… Regardless, I wish to live a wonderful life and increase my awareness around what choices I have and what are my priorities. At the end I just want to live a quality life without regrets!!!

In other aspects:
-Our volunteering efforts continue in one way or another… it is a great way to work with people with similar values and/or needs. My work with Global Sorority and Estancia Nueva Vida is constant and will evolve in 2015.

Here is an update on the points I made in the last post…
What is next? Simple: more work. In few points:
1-Creating Global Sorority’s first chapter in Mexico: Chapter 1 Merida with the girls at Estancia Nueva Vida. This of course, can be done because they have now completed their Leadership and Project Management training. Their Chapter leader: Patricia P. will continue on from here working with these young women to ensure they are able to see opportunity and be prepared for it.
DONE, and now Chapter 1 Merida will meet every month from here to December to cover the following activities:
September 2014- Workshop “Building your dreams” + “Dog Care and Training”.
October 2014- Series of interviews to successful women so the girls learn about what it takes to be a successful woman.
November 2014- Workshop “Healthy Relationships”.
December 2014- Visit to a University.
Plus, I have been working with Debi, a good friend, in delivering Composting and Recycling workshops for kids… not only for the Global Sorority girls but for many others!!!

2-Creating the strategy for Global Sorority to enter the Latin American market and fulfill an evident need: training around leadership and project management starting at an early age, our best bet!
Work in progress.

3-Working with Global Sorority and communities to deliver the training.
Work in progress. We are hoping to bring Global Sorority back to Mexico at the latest by January 2015.

4-Most important: giving a good example of what it means to be a woman but over anything what it means to have a brain.
I try hard ;)
IMG_3971 (2)

-Brian is at the very end of his Masters and we now know that he is going to continue with a Doctoral, he was accepted!!! He will be able to share details about this topic with anybody interested in finding out what his Doctoral will be about but for now I can only tell you that his thinking, ideas and knowledge will benefit small and medium size enterprises. We are now working on finding the financial means to get on this path and connecting this portion of our lives with the rest of our lives.
Congratulations Brian for contributing with the world of research, work that must be done but not everyone would like to do ;) because is somewhat tedious…
Let me tell you something, even though Brian is busy… he makes time to pretend to be a mouse…

-What about people and fun life???
We might be a bit boring since fun for us means: working, volunteering, strategizing, doing something productive with friends, cooking, finding new opportunities… but we still go out and enjoy the city, our friends, and our surroundings. Recently, one of my mentors told me that his friends are those who want to make the difference in the world with him and I, I agree.
I am sharing with you some pictures of events and friends who we have been enjoying lately…

Stefan and Elli, a German couple who we met in Valladolid and invited to stay with us in Merida for a couple of days… a fantastic experience with a young couple committed to seeing the world!!!

Sonya and Jeff are a Canadian couple from Vancouver B.C. who are living now in Chuburna Puerto, making a difference in people’s life and adapting to a new culture. Sonya is a life coach and Jeff is a dog trainer.

Ron and Patricia, good friends and colleagues in our volunteering work.

Debi and Tom, two wonderful individuals who are always willing to offer a hand, a piece of advice, a plate of food, simply their friendship… I really enjoy this couple…

Minerva is a new addition to my list of people making the difference in the world. She leads a shelter for women who are artisans coming to Merida from different places to sell their crafts and are in need of a place to stay.

Luis, Katherine and their daughter… what a great family that includes three more members. Katherine has encouraged me with her attitude and the way she sees life to be a better person. We will try to see them enough to get to know them more because they are totally cool and interesting…

-Taquita’s development continues, and Deya’s… as well. I am amazed about how an animal can be so loving and smart. It is not just my dog, but all dogs are smart and sensitive, able to communicate better than humans and simply kind.
I appreciate Taquita for all the good she has brought to my life, here are some of my learnings by having her around:
Forward thinking- I can’t expect her to be a good dog in 10 years from now if I don’t train her today, every day, constantly. It is very clear and evident that her life span is an opportunity to think forward.
The needs of others- I can’t just think about myself and my husband anymore. I have to think about her needs without forgetting about our needs. I am pretty good at this, one important rule: she can go anywhere I go as long as she is willing to navigate with me and face the conditions I face; not catering to my friend Taquita, simply caring.
Exercise- Cesar Milan isn’t wrong, the needs of a dog should be cover in order of importance: exercise, discipline then love. And yes, I make a huge effort to exercise her and exercise myself. Unfortunately there are no dog parks in Merida where she can just run, but we found a walking route and a park where I can go very early in the morning and convert the park into a dog park.
Discipline- Brian has been a huge help on this. I have enough discipline but apparently not enough to give Taquita what she needs sometimes: proper correction. That being said, dogs are like their owners so when you meet Taquita you will find how we are, I guess. She is not perfect but pretty dam close to that, she is such a good dog…
In general, Taquita has been a great addition to my life!!! Thanks Grovers for contributing to this life improvement!!!
Taquita’s dinner (except the wine): beets, potatoes, calabaza, carrots and chicken hearts. Brian likes it!!!
Taquita's food 2

-Coca Cola Marketing: I am not sure if Canada is experiencing the same type of marketing from Coca Cola right now but in Mexico we have two things going on with Coca Cola:
1) You can get a can of coke with your name on it in the stores, if your name is pretty common and/or you can get a personalized can if your name is not that common e.g. Deyanira or Brian. They got me… I don’t drink coke often but I got my can!!!
2) The government has placed some restrictions on the amount of sugar allowed in pop, and Coca Cola could not lose business right? Therefore you can see now days Coke with Stevia… otherwise taxes for Coca Cola increase…
Hopefully this helps Mexico to lose its first place in obesity in the world.
Coca Cola D B

-Deya is SUPER ENJOYING Crossfit. My awareness about exercising has never been so great and my body is cooperating with me. One day I will be like Tess, Gabor, Brian Brittain, Andrea
Ager… I will be me, but better.

Since I joined Crossfit I have participated in two activities:
1) Warrior Dash- The world's largest obstacle race series, held on the most rugged terrain in more than 50 locations across the globe. This competition was held in Valladolid, near Merida and I decided to participate. I finished in place 12 out 68, not so bad plus the experience and the knowledge that I can do this kind of thing, have fun and be around other people who also care about their fitness.
Warrior pic 3
Warrior pic 1

2) “Coloreate” or “Color you”- This is a local 5km run for families but Patricia and I took it seriously, trained for it and did the run finishing 14 and 15 out of 4000 people where 80% of the participants were women. We ended coloured by the end of the competition, hence the name of it.
Regardless of the “competition”, this is now a great way to be active and enjoy the outdoors.
And… Brian is now going with me to the gym. Hurray!!! His muscles are growing back…

-Brian’s Birthday: this year Brian became 41 during the month of October and our tradition is to celebrate the entire month, therefore the actual birthday becomes irrelevant. I hope Brian enjoyed his month and the fact that I tried to be extra nice, another point we implemented for our Birthday month and it is hard!!! But worth doing because if we can be extra nice one month why not extra nice one year? Work in progress!!!
Anyway, good friends and family around, the best part always.

-Some Mexican facts:
You may have heard about the students who disappeared in the state of Guerrero… watch the following YouTube videos and although it is in Spanish, it will give you an idea of the terrible story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLFB2iK9Ong, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71EQNShbXJE

Why are we “working” in Afghanistan to help people when our neighbour Mexico is in pretty bad shape? Thanks to our needy neighbours who need drugs to live their lives.
Forty three students have disappeared, and who disappeared them? The police took them and who knows where; the instruction was given by the municipal president to stop the students from interrupting an important event. One month has gone by and the students are nowhere to be found, the municipal president and his wife fled and our government has no answers.
Entire towns are being wiped out by the cartels and now the citizens are creating their own defense groups and trying to stop the cartels from taking their food, women, cars… because the police cannot do it, imagine that.

Mexico will have finally more options for communications… The owner of Televisa (Emilio Azcarraga Jean) is launching competitive phone+internet+cable services that may just end with the one option we have in Mexico (http://noticieros.televisa.com/mexico/1410/televisa-presenta-izzi/). Although I appreciate what Carlos Slim has done as a business person, I can’t accept to have only one option for these elementary services.

-To close in a good note… Professionally speaking, we are simply developing our business… you can always stay tuned through www.themdmotogroup.com
By December, many things will be defined and our future will be totally shaped… I am so looking forward to next year, to my life with Brian around friends and family… I am looking forward to being out there making things happen… because we make the impossible, possible!!!

The best for all of you, I wish we cross paths somehow/somewhere…
Deyanira MD.