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Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

January 10, 2015

We can do it, and we will do it

We will do what we plan to do for 2015 but before we start let me share with you the last bit of 2014… believe it or not we have managed to keep ourselves busy, out of trouble, enjoying life, creating opportunities, healthy, among excellent friends and advisers and overall in excellent shape… What else can we ask in life?
I will continue to update this blog simply because we would like to stay connected with people and sometimes it is not possible to email everyone we care for but at least everyone we care for can take a look of this blog and find out that we are still alive and full of life.

I wish everyone is doing well and that if we have not seen you lately, we get to see you soon. You will find that we have not changed but we have shaped and hopefully we are still your cup of tea but if not, it is ok ;) life continues…

The last bit of 2014:
-Our volunteering efforts continue in one way or another. My work with Global Sorority and Estancia Nueva Vida is constant and will evolve in 2015.
Chapter 1 Merida went through a series of workshops from “Healthy Relationships” to “Baking a Cake” at a local business in Merida. We also worked with one of the girls to help her open a bank account in preparation for a series of workshops in regards to banking.
The work I do with the girls of Chapter 1 Merida is very enriching because I am not the only one sharing my “knowledge”, the girls also share their knowledge with me but most important I am learning the real meaning of what a community needs and surprisingly a community often times needs something different from what we have in mind. So, if you ever feel like helping someone because you need to help someone ask yourself if “that” what you want to give is really what someone needs or even better… ask them!!!
This coming year is full of work and development that will lead to greater things. I will continue to work with Chapter 1 Merida and strategize with Global Sorority to create other Chapters in Mexico and in Latin America where girls gather leadership and project management skills. Eventually I would like to make sure that young girls and boys are assisted by me and other professionals to reach their dreams through planning and hard work!!!
Deya and the cookiesMaking cookiesGirl putting cookie down
100% Natural Bread 1100% Natural Bread 2
In December I also gave a conference titled “Provoking desire for social responsibility and increasing awareness around human rights and human dignity” in a well-known University in Merida “Universidad Marista”. What an experience and powerful position to be; I was able to share my life experience with young adults and hope I encouraged them to take some steps to look around them and not just live to suck everything out of this life.

-Brian will be completing his Masters pretty soon and once that happens I will let you know…

-What about people and fun life???
November and December were busy with people… Here we go…

Trip to Cancun and the area.- We took few days to travel around and found some nice places like Holbox. Then we visited with Jason (a new addition to our list of productive and positive friends) in Isla Mujeres; we managed to do some work with him (secret stuff) and also have some fun (non-secret stuff), he actually guided me through my First Breath (http://breakthroughadventures.com/). Finally we made it to Cozumel to visit with Brian’s parents and Mike (my former awesome boss at Lafarge). It was a great little trip full of joy!!!

Trip to Veracruz.- I took a few days to resolve some matters in Veracruz and spent some quality time with family…

Armando and Karla.- A wonderful couple from Brazil who spent few days with us in Merida. What a great opportunity to meet another couple with no kids enjoying similar experiences than us…
Thanks guys for your visit…

Taru and Kimmo.- Friends from Finland who we met in Cuba and made the effort to come to Mexico to visit us. I love it… I am super thankful for knowing people like them and being able to do work with them (more secret stuff) while we enjoy life. Taru actually volunteered her time during her stay and participated in the activities I had set up for Global Sorority Chapter 1 Merida. The girls were able to appreciate the life of a woman from another side of the globe and understood that regardless of the country of origin of other women or the difference in skin colour, we face some of the same barriers. I love Taru for being able to connect with the work I do in such a sincere and meaningful way.
One more thing about this wonderful couple… Taru and Kimmo are developing software in the educational field to help develop this world; if you are interested in finding out a bit more please take a look at http://www.skillzzup.com/
Brian Kimmo
Kimmo Brian Deya Taquita
Taru Deya at Party Chelem

Jason again.- This time he came to Merida and we spent such a great time with him. Work, exercise, parties, excellent conversations…
Thanks Jason for allowing us to get to know you… Cheers for this new workyfriendsy (made up word) relationship…

Family.- Over the New Year, a good opportunity to enjoy them while developing a better relationship which is not easy at times… different opinions but at the end family!!!
Thanks Steve and Monique for inviting us over with the entire crew to celebrate the New Year in your wonderful home!!!

More friends… in Merida we always have an opportunity to socialize, whether it is a Wine Tasting Event or a Home Tour or simply great gatherings around food and good friends. Love it!!!
A new friend, Bob, gave me a good life lesson recently when I said to him:
**I could live like this (at a Wine Tasting Event)
To which he replied…
**You are living it.
And I said,
**Thank you for bringing me back to the present…
Patti Roger's home 2
Chica Holiday Party 031214

-Taquita and Deya…
Traveling with Taquita opened my eyes to see how ignorant people are in Mexico when it comes to animal treatment and I am happy to go back to Canada and give Taquita a better life…
Everyone looked at us as if we were ill and getting in a taxi or booking accommodations was a big deal even with the crate. No dog parks, no nothing for beings like Taquita…
I love her and wish to be able to give her a better life continually.

-To close in a good note… We started the year by learning how to make BEER!!! And…
We are going back to Canada pretty soon… stay tune!!!

The best for all of you, I wish we cross paths somehow/somewhere…
Deyanira MD.