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Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

February 22, 2015

Highlights of January 2015

A new year began and we were planning right away our next ten years… Something we know how to do well. And what is the best part of a plan?... The art of planning.
A plan should be followed but also should be flexible enough that it can be improved. It is simply a roadmap and those who ride motorcycles can probably easily relate to the fact that a route is planned but if something needs to change, we must change it for the sake of the end result and the enjoyment of the journey.
I will share with you three highlights of each month from now on and hope you also get to share with us via email a highlight of your month!!! We like to hear from you ;)

January 2015
Highlight #1 Sharing/Working with friends and their kids.
Working has become more fun during the last four years, we work for fun so we can eat. At the same time we became very aware of how important it is to enjoy our friends and family and even though some may think we don’t like kids just because we are not having kids, guess what?... we enjoy kids and spend time with those who want to spend time with us…
We can be the most awesome aunt and uncle in the world, the ones who may make them eat quinoa but at the same time will take them skating or to the park or wherever they want to go… I love running around with kids as much as I enjoy making sure they make their bed so they don’t create work for me!!!

And oh yes… work…While in Merida we were offered a consulting opportunity to help a company establish a Project Management Plan for the renovation of a Holiday Inn Express right in Centro Merida. I enjoyed working with people in Merida and like to know that there is potential in people here despite the fact that most people believe “this is Mexico”. I like the challenge to keep my values and utilize my knowledge and transfer it while still learning from the people with different values and different knowledge. I am actually glad I was professionally trained in Canada, I can’t believe how ahead that puts me from most people here and I am glad to see that some people recognize that and call me/us to assist them.
To conclude our work story: BRIAN FINISHED HIS MASTERS and will begin a DOCTORAL pretty soon… he did not have enough punishment from his masters but he does have enough brains to keep studying and making sure he exploits his capacity… more to come in this topic.

-With friends-
-Ice skating in Merida!!!-
-After skating…-

-WORK, I mean FUN-

Highlight #2 Making beer.
The pictures are self-explanatory but let me tell you something… if you ever feel like doing something interesting and would appreciate some help… CALL US!!!
We like to engage in activities with people, activities that are productive. We don’t like to waste time therefore when we find someone like Patti who wanted to make beer, we were very happy to assist.

Highlight #3 Getting ready to leave.
And what do the plants mean? They mean we are getting our house ready to leave so it can be nicer and better for people who will be using it and for us as well (before we leave and when we come back).
For me, I have to get ready mentally because I get easily fatigued having to prepare for setting sail. The work involved around moving constantly is not easy but I enjoy moving, minimizing, setting up, living with less, having only what I need and being able to de-attach from all what I think I own…
For Brian, he is ready to go anywhere-anytime…
So, one more month of work, gatherings in Merida and then going back to Canada!!! In the long way!!!

Stay well, stay cool… Como las iguanas!!!
Deyanira MD.