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Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

March 07, 2015

Highlights of February 2015 (and a bit of March)

Time goes by extremely fast and here I am writing this blog one day before our departure towards the USA (San Diego/Yuma) and then Canada…
Are you ready?, was the question I got for the last two weeks at least and the answer was and still is: I am as ready as I can be; but to be totally honest I am not quite ready to begin another phase of our lives but I am quite happy to begin that phase with the person I love the most in this world: Brian, and with the new addition to the family: Taquita who is right now waiting for me to go to bed.
This new phase is full of commitment and work, full of life and challenge, full of exploration and creation, full of fun and new experiences, full of old and new friends, full of good things and we will busy with important matters but nevertheless free!!!
Free? Yes, we will experience freedom in a different level. We will continue to work for ourselves so that we can do those things in life that really matter to us.
Pretty soon, American and Canadian friends, we may just knock in your door or send you an email before we knock in your door. We will spend one month in the USA with friends and family and then back in Canada at the beginning of April. Stay tuned!!!

February 2015
Highlight #1 Brian’s surgery.
Brian had his nose fixed and we hope that this will make the difference in the quality of his life. Because of an accident he had when he was in the Army, his entire nose was destroyed and it caused a lot pain for him over the years. He finally accepted to improve the functionality of such an important sense and although the final results are not fully there, he does look and feel better. As time goes by, the inflammation will reduce and the improvements will be more evident.
We were very happy to find about the medical options we have in Merida and I can say for sure that we got great options for a good price.
And… I got a renovated new husband!!! After all, improvements are never a bad idea!!!
3_X-rays4_Front before 0502155_Left side before 0502156_Right side before 050215
12_The day 060215
36_Front after 22021537_Left side after 22021538_Right side after 220215

Highlight #2 Visit to University with Global Sorority Chapter 1 Merida.
This month we took the girls from Global Sorority Chapter 1 Merida (http://www.globalsorority.com/team) to visit a university so they can consider more closely acquiring education at one or another level.

The following paragraphs were written by the Chapter Leader to whom I owe a lot of my happiness in the city of Merida.
On Saturday morning, February 21, 2015, eight girls from Chapter 1—Merida of Global Sorority participated in a tour, activity and presentation at the university Tecnología Turística Total in downtown Merida. They were accompanied by Chapter Leader Patricia Pipkin and Global Sorority’s Director of Latin American Projects Deyanira Mendoza Domínguez. The tour of the university was led by Joanne van der Gracht de Rosado, co-founder and co-owner. She explained how the university facilities are made up of three colonial-era residences and that through these use facilities the culture and history of Yucatan are showcased and valued. She showed the Global Sorority Group the classrooms, offices, kitchen and recording studios that are used by students studying for degrees in modern languages, tourism, business administration and development, and audio and multimedia.
Then the director of the university, Maggie Rosado van der Gracht made a presentation entitled
“Preparing for Success” which emphasized the importance of preparing for the future which holds various options of work and study. For success in any walk of life, she stressed the need for discipline, ethics, consistency, and a desire to better ourselves. She highlighted what is needed to prepare and achieve for a university education including great desire, a high school education, scholarships or other resources and availability of time.
Deyanira followed up this presentation with an activity in which each of the girls needed to choose and enact a role in a hypothetical career. It was decided that we would all work together on board a cruise ship. Working on the cruise ship were: a doctor, a captain, a director of personnel, an accountant, a maid, a director of entertainment, a photographer and an interpreter.
The ship made it to Sao Paulo with no major mishaps apart from one crew member who took ill, but later recovered with assistance from the doctor.
To close the morning, Mercedes, a recent graduate of Tecnología Turística Total, talked about her own experience of being the first in her family to achieve a college education. She spoke of her struggles and her successes and encouraged the girls to consider the possibility a university education. We all hope that the experience of this morning will help them do just that.

Sure I hope so, and I also hope that more people like Joanne and Maggie can support our efforts. Both of these ladies are Canadian and have made a difference in Merida and since we have their support they are making the difference in more lives…

Highlight #3 Memories in Merida.
Endless memories created in this town and more than anything time for reflection and grow. I am leaving full of excellent memories and desire to create many more memories upon our return. For now, I am just going to share some pictures of the memories of the last month and a bit in Merida!!!

-Beer was bottled and tasted-
Beer bottling 14Beer made by Patti and Brian

-Good times with good people-
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-Enjoying the beach with Taquita-

Stay well, stay cool… Como las iguanas!!!
Deyanira MD.