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Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

April 16, 2015

Highlights of March 2015

Leaving Merida was not easy because I am leaving a lot behind, great friends and an awesome community, but I guess I am becoming more mature and this time I did not cry. In the past I cried many times because I knew I did not deliver what I could have delivered at the time but this time I know that I delivered what I was capable of delivering and in the future I will be able to deliver more. However, just like an excellent friend said to me: “Life gets in the way”, and that unwanted truth simply means opportunity for me, opportunity for improvement.
I am so happy to have been in Merida, to have met excellent people and to have experienced Mexico in a different way. Now, I can say I have reconciled with the country that gave me my first nationality and I look forward to go back to the country that gave me my identity…
I will miss you Merida friends and will be in touch so I can keep our friendship alive because you mean a lot to me!!! We will be back!!!
And just as I write this, my tears start to build up but different kind of tears… tears of joy…
-Thanks Patricia and Fernando for being there for us!!!-

March 2015
Highlight #1 Visiting with Tia+Pete, the parents, Tucson Tony
Before we arrived in Canada we made a stop in San Diego to visit Tia and Pete. Tia is the founder of Global Sorority, organization for which I proudly volunteer. I have to say that Tia has injected me with some kind of positive venom that makes me eager to give my time to the cause for which Global Sorority was founded (www.globalsorority.com)
We spent one week with Tia and her husband and it was a wonderful week for us; we worked while we spent time together and created experiences. One of the experiences we created was the learning of passion for food. Oh my GOD!!! Pete has a passion for food that I have never seen or tasted before. We ate like kings that week and learned a lot about food and passion… Pete has absolute passion for food and he spends time enjoying his passion and sharing it with others like us. I can’t describe what our experience was exactly but I can say that when Pete is cooking he is so detailed that I just imagine the kind of surgeries he performs while practicing his medical career.
Tia and Pete have two wonderful dogs: Butters and Bentley and both of them are sweet like honey and very open to other dogs like Taquita. The three dogs got alone pretty well and made Taquita’s stay so happy that I was able to tell that Taquita did not want to leave, especially because she created a strong connection with Bentley.
Everything comes to an end, and we left with such a good taste in our mouths after spending time with this couple. I am very happy to know them and learn more about their lives. Thanks Tia for sharing your world with me and sending me away with a bag of great advice…

Sharon and Al, my parents-in-law, picked us up in San Diego despite the pain that was attacking Al. We spent about ten days with them and truly enjoyed the visit.
It is funny how as we grow if we don’t spend time with our parents we simply don’t know who they are anymore and this visit allowed us to reconnect with them because they matter to us but simply we don’t get to see them often. It is just the way it is and we will always look for ways to spend time with our parents and continuously learn about their lives.
I totally appreciate my parents-in-law because they never get in our way but cheer for us in anything we do.
We got to spend time with their friends as well and got to see what they have created down in Yuma where they spend the cold winters.
For your time, energy and advice regarding RVing thanks mama and papa. We love you and wish to create more positive experiences with you.

Now, while we were in Yuma, a great friend came to visit us from Tucson. Tucson Tony came to spend two lovely days with us and we were so happy for his visit, we even went to Mexico (Algodones in Baja California Norte). Tony is a great individual, who despite the health challenges he is facing at the moment, does not give up by keeping his good humour and positive attitude. We also call Tucson Tony, Papa Tony… I wish I had a dad like him because I will be riding to places with him and simply enjoying him… something we often times don’t get to do with our own parents because they either don’t want or can’t.
That is why I always recommend to my mother to spend her time and energy in herself so she can walk and be alive to spend time with me rather that saving money to leave it for me when she dies…
I truly appreciate Tony and thank him for his great example in many ways, especially when it comes to living life to the fullest.

Highlight #2 Taquita’s experience traveling
Taquita did not have a good time flying from Merida to San Diego. She experienced two flights: one from Merida Yucatan MEX to Houston Texas USA and another one from Houston Texas to San Diego California USA and the second one was a terrible experience for her; she showed up in a pool of her own poo. We showered her at Tia’s place and cleaned everything up and then her life began to change. She is admitted in a house, she is welcome by anybody who comes across her and the fact that she is a rescued dog seems to be of interest for people. Even further, there are dog parks and fun things for dogs in this side of the world. In some ways her freedom just began and in other ways her freedom will be reduced.
I relate a lot to Taquita because when I immigrated to Canada I felt welcomed, loved and appreciated by what I represent rather than by my colour, size of boobs, or money. I am happy to have her with me and be able to share my world with her but further more I feel happy that she is able to come with us everywhere we go and have fun experiences together, as a family!!!
After being with Butters and Bentley she made more friends in Yuma Arizona. This time it was Tuffie and Bobby, Sharon’s and Al’s dogs (my parents in law). Tuffie and Bobby are older dogs but nevertheless fun. Taquita had also a good time with them and once again she had a place in the family, and Sharon and Al always made her feel welcomed.
P312004730_Taquita BentleyP3160085

Her third flight, from Phoenix Arizona USA to Edmonton Alberta CAN, was easy. She got used to flying and also knew that I would be in the other side, waiting for her. Customs/Immigration had no problems with her entry to the country except for the fact that they require a Health Certificate specifying clearly that she has the rabies vaccine and the certificate I paid for in Merida at Planned Pethood did not have that. Luckily the officer at the moment looked up in the Internet for the name of the vaccine describe in her carnet and said that this time I would be allowed in the country but in the future it will need to be very clear and in English.

Once we cleared Customs Taquita had her first snow experience and created her first Canadian mark called YELLOW SNOW.
-Oh my dear Tim Hortons I missed you so MUCH!!!-

Highlight #3 Getting our mobile office
This last highlight will continue on in April but for now I just want to share that we have acquired our mobile office and that officially we have become truck drivers besides being motorcyclist… ahrrr…
But oh well, we need a mobile office to move around to work while having the ability to keep our family together (including Taquita)… and THIS will help us maintain mobility with comfort.
Our mobile office is awesome and just so that you know it was already inaugurated by criminals in Calgary. In other words, it was vandalized in Calgary but nothing was taken; it just surprises me that nothing happened to us anywhere and we arrived in Canada and get disrupted by the welcoming committee formed by criminals. That being said, the type of crimes we face up here are less harming and actually dealt with (another topic of its own but I won’t get into it).
Anyway, pretty soon, when we build our home in Smithers (Telkwa to be precise), our mobile office will be happy to go back home.

Stay well, stay cool… Como las iguanas!!!
Deyanira MD.