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Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

May 10, 2015

Highlights of April 2015

April was a pretty busy month for us. We used up a lot of energy while trying to adapt to the new weather, new routine and new smells ;)
Of course we continued to work on our business practice (set up, marketing, networking, etc.) Consulting and Contracting in Manufacturing (www.themdmotogroup.com) while on the road.

I have to say that coming back to Canada was refreshing and I feel at home. I love my country and I love our friends. Taquita is having a blast because she can actually enjoy nature, she is like a cow: eats a lot of grass these days.

We have been traveling through Alberta and British Columbia, making our way back to Vancouver and below are some pictures of our recent memories. Enjoy!!!

April 2015
Highlight #1 Our Mobile Office
Our mobile office will allow us to move around between British Columbia and Alberta as we consult businesses. It is not a toy; it is simply a work tool that will allow us to make sure that Taquita can always go anywhere we go while working.

Learning how to use this tool has been fun and I have to thank my parents in law because they were extremely helpful for us; they shared their knowledge about Rving with us but also they provided us with a lot of things we needed to live in this office. Sharon deserves a lot of kudos, she was very sharing and awesome at giving us her time and energy so we can be comfortable in this office. Thanks so much Al and Sharon!!!

Highlight #2 Visiting with awesome friends and family
Pictures say more than words. Our visits with our friends and family were very delightful and I was so happy to see our friends again!!!

There is a couple in particular that I wish I live near them, they are amazing and one day we will live close by so we can enjoy them more. Lots of love Brad, Kat and girls… we always enjoy your company and are always amazed with you.
-My first Welcome sign ever, thanks girls-
-An adventurer crossing Canada by bicycle-

Highlight #3 Amazing Canada
Canada is so grand!!! Below are pictures of some of the sceneries we enjoyed lately in British Columbia. Going through the Rockies and getting to the Shuswap area was a phenomenal experience again. It was a little cold but after a while we became used to the cold, rain and snow. I have enjoyed the hikes so much and Taquita even more; she is adapting amazingly and discovering Canada just like I did. By the time she is five years old she will be a very well-traveled dog.

I am so thankful for this beautiful country and also thankful for having the health and energy to experience what I am experiencing. 

Stay well, stay cool… Como las iguanas!!!
Deyanira MD.