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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Brian & Deya met in Vancouver Canada. After a few years together we were married and made choices. One was not to have children the other was not to take life for granted. The rest is yet to come.

June 22, 2015

Highlights of May-June 2015

May and June have been really fulfilling months. Some changes in the plan that just spiced our lives a little bit. After all, life without spices is boring.

May-June 2015
Highlight #1 More friends, more family and the spirit of riding
I have always known my priorities and sometimes it is just difficult to exercise them but not impossible. We make life enjoyable or difficult and I personally tend to make it difficult and enjoyable at the same time but always striving for happiness, not just recently, but constantly.
After a day has gone by, the only thing I remember with pleasure is the fulfilling interactions I get to have with people, with my surroundings.

When we came back to Canada I felt so happy to see friends, family and our lovely and fantastic bikes. We have developed such a wonderful relationship with the bikes, Chuleta and Hope, that I can’t explain with words how great they are as psychologists; they speak to us and help us meditate. They are a huge part of our lives and once again they have changed the course of our lives in a way that I can’t still imagine but I can feel it. What am I trying to say? That we are not moving North in British Columbia, we are staying South in a lovely place called Sooke. There are many reasons why and of course the decision was well thought out but I have to give recognition to my bike for allowing me to see more clearly, for giving me the confidence that it will be ok.

We love planning and strategizing and for us the act of planning is much more valuable than the plan itself. As long as we can think, we can change the plan when necessary. I am very happy for this change and will work hard with Brian to make our lives interesting and fulfilling, around the people we love. Once we are settled in Sooke we will let you know in case you wish to visit us!!!

-In Vernon-
-In Summerland-
-In Kamloops-
-On the Ferry to Nanaimo-
-The cousins-
-The Grovers-
-The Fun-
-The Puppy???-
-Lovely Vancouver-
-Doug and Sylvie-
-The Brittains-
-My dear Jun and Gina-
-The Huang can-
-Thanks Craig for the good tequila-
-Awesome Morgan-
-My loving family member-
-Awesome Henry and family-
-An awesome connection with a great friend-
-Other bikers and Meridian friends-
-RRU Connection-
-The cold water with Carmen-
-The Katana Suzuki back on the road-
-RRU Connection-
-My wonderful niece, she is a great addition to this world!!!-
-The Best-
-Back to Chuleta and Hope with Taquita in the back-

Highlight #2 Brian’s Convocation Ceremony
Brian finished his studies and graduated from his program: Masters of Arts in Leadership. For this section I have a piece to share:

Standing on the shoulders of giants!!!
Without those giants it would be harder to see the horizon, to see the end. I am happy to have been that giant because during this journey I also earned a degree without fees, a mental degree of awareness that allows me to be here to cheer for my husband and all of the other graduates. I have to admit it was hard and interesting, enjoyable and challenging, expensive and rewarding, TRANSFORMATIONAL. An experience worth having if today we can see the horizon, we can see opportunity, we feel happy and powerful; it is simply worth having because if nothing at least we know that mental models can be changed!!!
I want to say thanks to all those giants who contributed with Brian’s fulfilling ending of his Masters of Arts in Leadership and exciting beginning to a Doctor of Social Sciences that will allow him to create knowledge and contributions in society. My husband and I want to say: thanks for your time, for the piece of bread, for your energy and simply for believing in us. Special thanks to the Brittains and the Grovers who have been the greatest constant support we have had for a while and who-day to day-show their love without expectation.
“It is not just about me”- Walter Natynczyk

And for you Brian, I just want to say: I am glad to be married to a man who pursues challenge. With you I want to grow and live, with you I want to see the horizon!!!


Highlight #3 My volunteer work
My volunteer work will continue independently of the organization I used to work with: Global Sorority-Passion Foundation. It was a pleasure working with Tia Kelly and will find ways to connect our work.
I will continue to support the group in Merida and will focus my energy and time in developing a model to ensure that children and young adults in this world get an opportunity to grow and succeed. I will connect the dots that are necessary to create sustainable support in communities for children and young adults. Lots to come!!!

-Learning about ice cream and business while having fun-

Stay well, stay cool… Como las iguanas!!!
Deyanira MD.